"Manufacturing, Reconditioning, Dynamic Balancing, Metallizing Facility"
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Mobile Coal Samplig Equipment
Rotary Vane Assembly & Body Liners
Special Purpose machines
Repairs / Rebuilding / Reconditioning
Industrial Fabrication
Heavy Engineering
Import Substitute Item
ID - PA - Exhauster
Pump - Impeller - Valver
Welcome to our NuMAC website...

NuMAC, established in 1984,has developed in to a well established industrial unit .since the inception,we have been specialized in designing,developing,machining,manufacturing ,repairing and reconditioning of jobs. NuMAC,located in Nagpur,which is centrally located gives an added advantage of executing the projects all over India.


NuMACis staffed by a team of highly skilled and motivated workers who have successfully developed and executed several complex jobs since the past 27 years. At NuMAC, we aim at attaining efficiency, productivity, timeliness with high level of skill sets. We take pride in meeting our targets without compromising on quality standards. Manufacturing of Mobile Coal Sampling Equipment, Rotary Vane Assembly, Dynamic Balancing, Heavy engineering, rebuilding and reconditioningofmachines, Industrial Fabrications, Polymer coatings, manufacturing of Special Purpose Machines, Import substitute items and precision parts are some of the executed jobs which isolates NuMACin real sense. Besides the above mentioned works, we, at NuMAC, have manufactured import substitute parts like Wiper Rings, pump shafts, sealing rings, CEP spares, valve spares, air seals, labyrinth, gland box, repairs like coal mill parts, shafts, impellers, fans, yoke flanges, spider rings etc. we also take pleasure to draw your attention to the fact that many of the jobs mentioned above were refused b ‘OEM’ companies or were quoted extraordinarily high to our estimate. These jobs were executed by us and have resulted in saving more than Rs. 400 cr. These were the opportunities where outstanding jobs were executed at very economical ways resulting in tremendous savings in downtime as well as in costs. Thus, we, NuMAC, being situated at the seat of power generation area take this opportunity to project the 27 years’ work done by us.


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