"Manufacturing, Reconditioning, Dynamic Balancing, Metallizing Facility"
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Mobile Coal Samplig Equipment
Rotary Vane Assembly & Body Liners
Special Purpose machines
Repairs / Rebuilding / Reconditioning
Industrial Fabrication
Heavy Engineering
Import Substitute Item
ID - PA - Exhauster
Pump - Impeller - Valver
Design, Development of Import Substitute Spares for Power Plant. 

• Development of Turbine Spares like Labyrinth, Carriers, Sealing Rings, Wiper Rings,  Stellite Strips, etc.

• Control Valve Spares : Valve Stems, Cages, Stelliting of Seat. 

• Manufacturing of On line Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems (Ball Separator). 

Steam Turbine Gland Carrier Slot   Labyrinth (Seal Ring)
Labyrinth (Seal Ring)   The blade holding base area was machined to match with the hub
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