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Rotary Vane Assembly & Body Liners For XRP Type Coal Mill

This invention by NuMAC, is related to rotary vane assembly and body liners for XRP type coal mills used in power station to pulverize coal. In XRP coal mill, rotary vane assembly is mounted on fabrication or in a casting. The main objective behind this invention was to provide a body liner rotary vane assembly, which is able to prevent frequent damages of the assembly.


This product is also patented by NuMAC and successfully commercialized in all Thermal Power Plants in Maharashtra.


Following are some of the advantages of rotary vane assembly and body liners for XRP type coal mills:
               1. To prevent frequent damages of the assembly.
               2. Easy to commission, replace and maintain.
               3. It outages and thereby the downtime of mill saves huge amount of power.
               4. The vanes are so locked so as to minimize welded joints and worn out vane will never fail due to two sides
                    locking of pins.
               5. To overcome the problems and shortcomings with prior art techniques and approaches.
               6. The body liners in the rotary vane assembly are mainly to support and guide air pressure by inducing a PA fan
                    effect inside the coal mill and produce perfect vortex.
               7. Due to the specified angle in the body liners, the air pressure is equally distributed.


Apart from these above products, NuMAC has been successfully doing other jobs at various sections like Boiler Maintenance, Turbine Maintenance, Coal Handling Plants at various Power Plants. They are given in a short manner for reference.



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